Lee Smythe Releases Debut LP “Of Dreams”

Lee Smythe Releases Debut LP “Of Dreams”

Today Lee Smythe has releaseed his full length album “Of Dreams”. Written and recorded over the span of two years this is Lee’s first major release and is also the first major release for Jungle Strut Music.
Below is an excerpt from Lee Smythe:
“Today’s the day that makes it all worthwhile.
The path we had to take to get to this point was a wonderful circus, and to be able to share it with all of you now is a great feeling.
The hundreds of shows, the late nights, changes in band mates, moving to Boston, and the amazing people we met, and lost along the way, have all shaped this album and myself forever.
Tremendous thanks to Killah Cortez and Jungle Strut Music, everyone at New Monkey Studio, all the radio stations, our fans, Greg SchrautKeith Brown, Q. Wyatt, Olivia Gird Photography, Simon Pineda, and countless others.”

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