Jeremy Bass Releases New Album “The Greatest Fire”

Jeremy Bass Releases New album “The Greatest Fire”

Jeremy Bass releases his new album “The Greatest Fire”. Brooklyn based artist Jeremy Bass has logged countless hours mastering the instrument that he was originally trained on in Italy and Spain. “The Greatest Fire” contains numerous turns of phrase that are completely world class, impressive for any emerging songwriter, but the rub here is that Bass actually makes his bones as a classical guitarist.
“I wanted this album to be an expression of everything I was capable of, to feature the best songwriting I’ve done to date and to let rock n’ roll shine through the more diverse influences of my previous records.” – Jeremy Bass-
You listen to “The Greatest Fire” by Jeremy Bass below

BUY/STREAM:1474335527_apple_logo 1474335578_5345_-_google_play 1474335612_amazon 1474277366_26 1474277595_youtube 

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